Best Ways to Maintain Your Photo Printer

Maintaining your photo printer might not be the most exciting part of photography. However, it is a necessity if you like your photo prints to always be of high quality. These days, it has become a great benefit to be able to produce top quality photo prints in the comfort of your home. Many people now own basic photo printers that provide a budget-friendly solution for the general printing needs, although these might not be able to offer the same level of details as more professional models. However, no matter what the technical level and type of printer you are using, there are a few tips you need to remember to properly maintain your unit.

Stay Safe
It is a must to stay safe and turn your printer off before you try doing anything with it such as opening the machine. Doing so will prevent damages on your printer or injuries on your part.

Decide on the Location
Avoid placing your photo printer in any open space you see. To ensure the best performance, it is recommended to place your printer on a level surface that has lots of space for proper ventilation. Placing your printer in an overly dusty area will just shorten your printer’s life, since the dust might end up getting into and damaging the printer rollers and head.

Always Clean Your Printer
Your photo printer is a type of machine, which means that it requires proper and regular cleaning to maintain its best performance. Ink, dust, and debris build-ups inside the printer can lead to ink streaks, jams, and poor performance as a whole.

It is important to use a slightly damp clean cloth for cleaning your printer on a regular basis. Wipe the outer side of the printer and use a lint free cloth for cleaning the internals. Never use any liquids every time you clean the interior of the printer because moisture in the area can affect overall performance. You can use a small vacuum cleaner for cleaning inside and getting rid of dust there that can end up damaging the device.

Prevent Clogging in Ink Nozzles
One issue that can happen to both an old or a new photo printer is clogged nozzles. This clogging can take place if ink has dried up and blocked up the nozzles. To prevent this problem, it is recommended to print regularly to keep them moist.
Instead of letting your printer sit idle for weeks or months, make it a habit to print a test page every several weeks. It will ensure that the ink doesn’t get clogged, and help it move around the printer. A simple action like this can save you from the hassle of dealing with clogged ink nozzles when the time comes that you need to print something.

No photo printer is safe from issues because occasional errors, jams, and smudges can get in the way of your printer. But, if you follow the tips above, you can lessen the chances of these issues from occurring, to prolong your printer’s life and make you have a better printing experience.