Everything to Know About Halal Restaurants

A Muslim travelling abroad often ask himself or herself about where are the halal hotel bangkok or other countries and halal restaurants near me. Halal restaurants are the places in which food is prepared and served according to the injunctions of Islamic law. Islamic law has its sources in the Holy Quran and Sunnah (the practice of Prophet Muhammad PBUH). Halal is the Arabic word, which means “permissible”, so, halal food is permissible food for Muslims.

Vegetables and Halal Ingredients
All of the vegetables and fruits are permissible (unless they are unsafe for consumption). The term specifically applies to meat. In the Holy Quran, Muslims are instructed to eat meat of a certain type.

There are also certain types of ingredients that are not permissible for Muslims. Muslims do not consume alcohol, since alcohol is non-halal for Muslims. As such, alcohol is a non-Muslim food ingredient that cannot be included in halal dishes. There are also many other non-halal ingredients such as lard, pepsin, gelatin, food-coloring as well as other alcohol-derived ingredients.

What is Halal Meat?
Muslims are taught to cut the animals in a certain manner, which makes meat halal for them. Muslims cannot eat all types of meat available in the market. The Islamic form of slaughtering the animals (poultry or other halal animals) involves cutting the carotid artery, jugular vein, and windpipe.

There are also many other rules involving the slaughtering of the animals. Halal animals should be healthy and alive. A dead animal is not permissible for eating according to Islamic law. During the slaughtering process, blood must be drained from the slaughtered animal. Animals should also not be stunned. However, if an animal survives after the first blow, the animal can be stunned afterward. Currently, halal food is not labeled in most non-Islamic countries. The labeling of food is mostly done in Islamic countries.

Halal Food at Halal Restaurants
Halal food is only prepared at halal restaurants. Halal meat is cooked and served to the visitors.
There is not a particular method of cooking meat. As explained earlier, particular types of ingredients and meats are forbidden in Islam. Pork, alcohol, and other non-halal ingredients are forbidden at Halal restaurants.

Simply put, a halal restaurant is a dining place that strictly adheres to Islamic injunctions for cooking food. For preparing a dish, the halal restaurant does not include non-halal ingredients as well as non-halal meat or vegetables.

World’s Best Halal Restaurants
Here are the world’s top Halal restaurants.

Al-Tazaj Halal Restaurant
This is the biggest halal restaurant in the Middle East that has over 100 branches of dining places. It has the most incredibly delicious halal restaurant chain in the world. Al-Tazaj began in Saudi Arabia as a small chicken restaurant.

BBQ Tonight
BBQ Tonight is another popular halal restaurant in the world that has been serving food to Muslims across 14 different locations. BBQ Tonight has been recognized globally as the finest halal restaurant.

Herfy is the finest halal food restaurant chain that operates across Saudi Arabia. Herfy constantly improves itself, which is why it is recognized globally.