Facial Centres around Singapore That have been Raved by Many

Many people have been posting about their quarantine glow up pictures in social media. Quarantine glow up means that you have improved your physical appearance during this quarantine. As privilege as this may sound, many people were able to focus more on themselves these days because of the isolation brought by the pandemic. Especially during the first weeks or months of quarantine where people are still adjusting to life lived inside their houses only.

Part of the glow up process is to improve the condition of your face. It has been said multiple times that having a good skin in your face is way better than putting layers and layers of make up. Skin care is essential. However, facial treatments are also good if you want to pamper your face. A facial is good and it rejuvenates your skin after a tiring week or month. But it is always better to go to reliable and trusted facial centres. Especially when you are dealing with your face, you don’t want to entrust your face to someone who is not credible to do such a job. Here are some of the Facial Singapore centres that have been raved by many.

Healing Touch Spa 
Healing Touch Spa promised a personalized facial treatment for their clients. They want their clients to enjoy and relax while they are in their salon. They also offer other types of services such as massages. They take pride in their passionate service and have received many positive reviews from their clients.

This spa has been collecting multiple awards since 2019. They are promising their clients with award winning treatments and exceptional customer service. Wellaholic is an aesthetic chain that has a multiple branch across Singapore. Aside from their facial, they are also offering a whole variety of services that can help you achieve that glow up.

The Bund Beauty
The Bund Beauty is known for its salon’s location. The botanical location of their salon is great for relaxing. Aside from their location, the Bund Beauty is know for their gentle extractions for facial. Many of their therapists are expert on acne care so they know what to do with those annoying things in your face. They provide a good service and the ambience of the salon is enough to relax you after a long tiring week. Visit them at Bishan Park if you want to have a good facial with a good background.

The Body Firm
One of the signature treatments of The Body Firm is their top notch facial services. They believe that people have different goals and agendas for beauty treatment so they promise to tailor the treatment according to your need. With their consultations, they would identify what is the most appropriate treatment for you. Aside from their facial, they are also offering multiple body treatment that can help you to be confident with your own body.

Taking care of ones self is very important. It Is not only because you want to look good in front of other people but it is also for your own. Remember that if you feel good, you will look good. And this treatments are there for you to feel good.