Helpful Tips On Being Productive During The Home Tuition Sessions

Have you ever felt that you are sitting in private tuition and realize that although you were paying attention, you haven’t grasped the concepts the tutor has been typing to explain to you. Well, you aren’t the only one who had this issue. Students lacking focus while studying for an extended period of time is not particularly new, given the fact that the education system in Singapore is quite difficult. However, it is vital to stay focused during home tuitions to get the most benefit. So, FamilyTutor, a leading home tuition agency in Singapore suggests you a few tips which worked successfully on other students on how to stay productive during a tuition session-

Make Sure That You Are Always Well-Rested Before The Tuition Session

A healthy and well-rested mind learns the best. It is not just what you learn during the session but also how effectively you learnt matters. It is heavily advised that you get adequate rest and a healthy sleep before the tuition session. Sleep deprivation or restlessness can significantly reduce your concentration level and make it difficult for you to focus during the tuition session.You can also consult a personalized tuition agency to inform about your day-to-day schedule so that tuition session timings can be allocated based upon your free time.

Get Rid Of All Unnecessary Distractions

Distractions are one among the most common reasons which makes us lose focus and concentration, and they affect us strongly when we need to concentrate thoroughly for a long period of time such as a long session of home tuition. Distractions come in many ways such as physical distractions and external distractions. Physical distractions are distractions such as hunger and sleep, most commonly experienced by students who are not well prepared before a tuition session. Thus, we advise our students to get plenty of rest and preparation before the start of the tuition session. The other kind of distraction faced by most students in the current generation are external distractions. External distractions such a ringing phone cause students to immediately lose focus. For such a distraction, we strongly advise to keep the phone on silent mode or keep it far away from your reach as long as the tuition session is taking place so that you can focus to your maximum capacity while attending the session.

Stay Engaged With The Lesson

In order to be productive and make the most out of the tuition session, we encourage our students to be engaging, active and inquisitive. Listening to the tuition class is not sufficient to get the best learning experience. Students must be willing to ask questions so that they can learn new concepts and remember the explained concepts thoroughly. It also helps the student as well as the tutor to stay focused and inspired towards learning.

Adopt The Note-Taking Habit

Although it might seem as an extra work in an already hectic schedule of Singaporean children, it is still heavily advised to adopt the practise of note taking. Although listening to the classroom during school hours or tuition sessions might provide you with reliable learning experience, writing the concepts you understood in your own words have long term benefit as writing notes makes you understand the concepts thoroughly and retain them for a longer period of time. By writing notes you can also revise them days before an exam and since you wrote your own notes in your own words, you will be able to grasp or revise the concepts quickly and effectively.

Most students might face attention span difficulties during home tuitions which might reduce their productivity. However, by following simple tips you can make the most out of any tuition session. We hope that these tips will help you further during the tuition session.