Personal Development

How to Define Your Truest & Highest Self

In order to be able to define your truest, highest self, first, you need pen and paper. Get out your notebook, diary or journal. NOW. On the first or the last page of your notebook, you’ll do this exercise. Before you put anything down on your notebook, do a rough draft first on a separate sheet of paper. Ask and answer these questions. Write your findings down in your notebook or a piece of paper.

  1. What characteristics would my most ideal, most perfect, truest and highest self possess?
  2. Which characteristics of his (me) would make him ideal and perfect?
  3. How wise is he? How smart is he? How intelligent is he?
  4. How attractive is he? How beautiful is he? How physically perfect, fit and healthy is he?
  5. How did he get this way? How did he get so smart, so wise and so intelligent?
  6. How did he get so attractive, so beautiful, so perfect, fit and healthy?
  7. Why is he here on this Earth? What purpose does he serve? What is his mission in life?
  8. What are the principles guiding his every action, decision and reaction? o Who would he make friends with? Who are the kind of people who would love to be with him? What kind of people will he attract?
  9. Now that you’ve properly defined who your truest, highest, most ideal and perfect self is (it’s you!), how he’s like, what he can do, et cetera, you’ll logically proceed to take the first steps towards becoming him!

What follows may be one of the most potent life-transforming exercises, ever, in your entire life. People may experience varying degrees of transformation; some fast, some slow, some take one step at a time. But the effects are permanent and life-changing.

It makes your truest, highest, most ideal and perfect self become very, very accessible to you, with sufficient practice. Once you’ve learnt to contact the aid of, and trans- form into, your ideal self, you can wield this great tool to do anything you desire.