Ideas on what to Put on your Funny Mugs

Mugs are one of the gifts that are usually given to people. Sometimes, if you are the recipient of this gift, you would think that the person giving it has not thought about the gift, and gave you one of the most generic gift you can ever receive. But mugs are very useful. Everyone needs a mug in their kitchen. Whether for coffee, or for hot chocolate, or sometimes, for soups. (If you live in a dormitory, you would find ways to use things aside from their own purpose). One way to customize this generic gift is to put some witty line or funny statement. Like a statement shirt, people enjoy things that they can laugh about. Make it more customized by thinking of the personality of the person. Here are some ideas on what you can put on your funny mugs.

Catchphrase or witty remarks of the recipient
If you are giving it to your friends and you have been friends for a long time now, there should be a line or a phrase that would always remind you of them. Put that on their mugs and see what their reaction will be. People would think that you observe them and the mug is not such a generic gift after all.

Witty line from you
This is quite hard, especially if you are not as witty as other people. You can try searching at the internet. But it is always better to think of the personality of the recipient and make a witty line out of it.

Famous funny lines from famous people
Use funny quotes from famous people. Have them printed in the mugs. Much better if you based your quote on the recipient. There are many quotes out there that you can choose from. Just always remember to credit the proper person in the mug.

Famous funny movie line
If you are into movies, this is good. You can always reminisce your favorite funny scene by using your favorite line in the mug. You can also use tv episodes for this. But again, please make sure that the lines are correct and quote correctly. If you are worried about personalizing your gifts too much, there are a lot of printing stores that caters to this kind of printing. They have these large printers that can print graphics on the mugs, so you don’t have to worry about that. And if you are lucky with your supplier, you can have a discount, especially if you are buying in bulk. All you need to do is to think of a funny line corresponding to your friends.

There are other funny lines that you can use for your mugs. You can search it in the internet. But again, it is always best to use an original remark from you. It depicts your closeness to the recipient. You can trust that when the person receives this funny mug from you, he or she will not think that mugs are such a generic gift. Instead, it can be cute and personalized.