Importance of Baby Grand Piano Cover

It is expensive to own a baby grand piano. And like any other things that you bought with your hard-earned money, it should be taken care of. Regular maintenance is a must for these pianos and one of which is keeping the keyboard clear of dust. This is the reason why a baby grand piano cover comes in handy.

Is a cover necessary?
Your baby grand piano deserves all the love and care. If music is your passion, you should take care of the instruments that help you create them. Cleaning is a must. We do not want any dust build up in any parts of the piano as it will affect the sound. We also do not want any discoloration in the keys and body. Piano covers are created for these purposes; avoiding discoloration and dust build up.

Aside from that, pianos are made from wood. Humidity can cause several problems with your piano. Humidity can cause keys and action parts swell which leads to incorrect note output. Piano covers can help protect the piano from the humidity or change in temperature of the environment.

What are the things to consider when buying piano covers?
When looking for the cover, you should consider the location where the piano is being played. Is the piano played at home? Is it played in a public place such as a music studio or stage? Considering this logistic matter will help you decide on what material you are going to use for a cover. If your piano will be used frequently, your covers should be durable and sturdy, so it will not tear easily.

Another thing to consider is the specific location of the piano. Is it outdoors or indoors? Is it somewhere public? Or is it prone to humidity or water? Because these things can affect the piano, and you want your covers to help in protecting the piano from these things.

There are three common materials used for covers. We have vinyl, mackintosh and quilted piano covers. As mentioned, choosing what type of material would depend on the environment, since these materials have their own set of advantages when it comes to absorption and durability. You may need to do some research.

You may also opt to consider the color of the cover you want to buy. Baby grand piano is not a small item at home. You do not want to have a cover that would greatly affect the aesthetic of the whole room.

Where to buy?
Most of the music stores offer piano covers. They would offer different kinds of materials, depending on your preference. Sizes should be available as well. If your local music stores don’t have any, or you just want the convenience of online shopping, it is also available online. Check Amazon or other online platforms. Type “baby grand piano cover” and it should lead you to several covers with various types and sizes. There are stores that offer customization also. You just need to specify what you need.

As a conclusion, covers for piano are essential so that your piano will continue to play good sounds. It will protect your baby grand piano and help it to elongate its lifespan.